Yang Yoga routines are active energy workouts that combine yoga postures, qigong flows, meridian massage, sounds, color and visualizations to generate energetic outcomes. The routines build strength, flexibility and purge, move and circulate qi in the body. Energy medicine techniques include the meridians, radiant circuits, five elements, five vayus, microcosmic orbit and the 3 main energy centers of the body (dantian). The results quickly and safely balance and attune the mind, body and energy field to nature – resulting in optimum health, self-healing skills and new perspectives.


Yoga practitioners who would like to enhance their yoga practice with qigong energy cultivation techniques. Balancing yin lifestyles, focusing on a goal, and cultivating the YOQI principles of centering, dynamic relaxation, and effortless effort. People who sit for long periods at a desk, weight management, or qi stagnation.