“The Yoqi Module 1 live immersion exceeded my expectations! Through Marisa and Pavel’s tremendous dedication I was able to connect to my Qi in ways I didn’t think possible. Their beautiful humble energy shines through their practice and they abundantly share! “ - Elizabeth Miller, USA

“YOQI MODULE 1 (Qigong Flow ) Live Immersion provides comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals of Qigong with live instruction in a group setting. The immersion faciilitates deep energy experience via a wide range of physical and meditative practices, and is a valuable complement to the YOQI online course material. "Qigong Flow" is a dynamic and vibrant style of Qigong with signature "progressive loops" and smooth transitions which heighten the experience of Qi and make it a joy to practice and to teach.” - Lorraine Robain, USA

“Ik voelde me bevoorrecht om deze training bij Marisa Cranefill te kunnen volgen. Twee jaar geleden waren haar oefeningen het geen waarvan ik weer vrolijk werd. Ik zat midden in een overspannen en depressieve periode, waarin ik kampte met vele stressgerelateerde klachten, schouderpijn, hormonale klachten en later ook vreemde allergische reacties die ik nooit eerder had gehad. Een half jaar geleden besloot ik zelfs om m'n baan als leerkracht op te zeggen en andere mensen te gaan helpen met de soort klachten die ik had. Ik ben vastberaden om dit te bewerkstelligen. Van niets meer kunnen, niets meer durven, geen zelfvertrouwen meer hebben, voel ik me nu sterk genoeg om mijn eigen Qigong flow praktijk te gaan opstarten. Marisa is precies zoals in de youtube video's, vriendelijk, duidelijk en zeer inspirerend, haar woorden komen altijd op een hele prettige en warme manier binnen. Ik hoop haar visie en filosofie op mijn manier uit te dragen aan alle mensen die ik in mijn omgeving hiermee kan helpen, om welke reden dan ook.” ☯️ Diane Zuiderwijk, Thuisreis.nl - Diane Zuiderwijk, NL

“Marisa has an eye for beauty, her energy permeates everything from the course material, the presentations and the exercise flow. Her loving kindness and deep mastery of qi gong makes her training highly recommended. So grateful to have studied with her, life changing experience!”- Catherine Atwood, Canada

“Thank you very much this learning experience has been phenomenal. I practiced Yi Jin Jing for 3 months, 3 times a week as suggested. I’m completely blown away by the results I’ve received. “ -B. Harvey, USA

“I am here to thank the Universe for manifesting itself as and through Marisa!!! She is such an open conduit to flowing Qi and sharing her wisdom and knowledge with all. I first found her through her YouTube videos and then subscribed to her Video on demand library and absolutely loved the amazing content she presents. I have just finished my YoQi Teacher training with Marisa in Thailand and she is truly one of the best teachers i have been blessed to learn with. She went out of her way to ensure that we had the best most stable foundation of Qi Gong Practice. Thanks to her skillful guidance and patience I could REALLY FEEL the QI in a big way and also have the thrilling experience of being able to move and direct it. She went out of her way to enable us all to experience some very advanced Nei Gong and Nei Dan practices as well, that were transformational. Marisa is a genius and has the sweet simple adventurous spirit of a child whose still learning herself and playing in the Elixir fields of QI and sharing her bright light with all who are so inclined. Thank you Marisa. I am honored to be in your Qi Field. :-) “ - Preeti Roy , Hong Kong

“Marisa has made it easy to learn qigong and discover the many benefits of practice. Her videos are both professional and personal, making the view feel as if you are in a one-on-one class. The monthly membership is SO worth it! The video library is precious resource for anyone who is serious about reclaiming health, vitality, and happiness”. -Jaq Stone Arts

“Yoga is not new to me but Qigong is and since there is very little qigong in my area, Marissa's videos have been a blessing. I practice everyday to her videos and it's like she is in the room with me, which means she is an excellent teacher. “

-Deborah B.

“Marisa's videos for Spring are absolutely fantastic! Truly she is one of the best interpreter and teacher of the ancient art of qigong for the English speaking world. What a blessing! She has a lot of free stuff on her site, (www.yoqi.com) but I highly recommend her On Demand videos.” -Joyce, Canada

"I love all Marisa's videos. I’ve been doing the beginners now for several months, and recently added in the circulate Qi. I didn’t add on until I could “see” the energy ball. It just felt important for some reason. I think I’ve got the movements down enough so I can try this one tomorrow. You are such an amazing teacher! Thank you for your dedication to the work. I’m sharing the beginners with all my friends. We are mostly older gals in our sixties so it’s very important to us to exercise, but also important not to injure or re-injure ourselves. Your work fits those requirements. Thank you again! Blessings to you!"

-R. Muller

Dear Marisa
Thank you for giving your wonderful qigong movements. The last qigong training with the winter flow and the orbit is really fantastic warming and nice. Very grateful for your teaching.
-Brigitta, Germany

I abandoned Qigong for over 10 years but thanks to you I started to practice again with your videos. Already the first time I did the 30 min for beginners I felt so much energy moving through my body that my legs started to tremble. Your videos help me to get more grounded, more appreciative and make me feel more awake. Big thank you! -Tanja, Toronto

"Marisa is a graceful, knowledgeable, gifted and inspiring teacher. I have been following her Qigong classes for a few years now, as well as going on the Qigong and meditation retreats she offers when she comes to Bangkok and it makes a huge difference to both my sitting meditation practice and my general health and balance. If you get the chance to do a class with her in person - go for it! :-) If you don't check out the videos - they are great quality and easy to follow." -Mary P., Bangkok

"Being retired and having the time it seems a sin not to invest time and energy into health and fitness. I can't say enough about the benefits of Qigong, augmented with walking. It has restored my balance, strength, and taught me to relax more than meditation alone, basically just following videos put out by Marisa Cranfill Young on her YOQI Yoga + Qigong channel, free on You Tube.  Three months of practice gave me significantly more range of motion, and eliminated tender spots that were painful to the touch. My neck had been making scrunching noises and had hurt when I turned my head, which was aggravating when driving. Now my head turns much further without pain and the movement is smooth without scrunching. In my 7th month of 30 to 50 minutes a day, I'm actually feeling as athletically capable as my younger athletic days.
About 3 months ago I did subscribe to
YOQI Yoga + Qigong at $15 a month to keep advancing rather than merely maintaining a base level. Marisa intelligently teaches not only the movements in her videos, but also how the movements accomplish for the body as she teaches the movement. "-Phillip Van Garrick

"Marisa's YOQI Workshop was such a refreshing way to begin my weekend! I had never practiced YOQI before and was happily surprised by how engaging the experience was. Marisa was a wonderful instructor. Not only does she lead you through everything, but she also gives you context and explains the benefits of each exercise. And through these seemingly simple movements, I felt like I became more aware of my body and energy. You really connect with yourself."-Kristine R., USA

"I have done quite a few workshops with Marisa, Yoqi classes that were fun and much easier than I thought they would be, seeing as I do not do much exercise. I was really happy to find that I could do Yoqi, and I loved the workshops where she used essential oils to magnify the experience of the organ we were working on. Marisa is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the body and explains in detail why the movement is important for us and what it will do to enhance out daily lives. Through her knowledge of the flow of Qi, she helped me understand it too and experience it within my own body, giving me a new found respect for my body, especially my organs.Her videos are informative and easy to follow, and great to watch too, as she chooses wonderful places to shoot them. Check them out on YouTube :) Thank you Marisa, your dedication and enthusiasm has helped me to connect more to my inner self." - Patricia B., BANGKOK

“I found this practise after looking for something more gentle than martial arts and I so appreciated that Marisa took the time to answer my questions via email. I hope one day to possibly take teacher training or do a retreat. I think is yoga qi is amazing for peace and our energy. “ -Steffi Black


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