A live tutorial on the FOUNTAIN qigong flow that embodies the water element and tonifies the kidney-bladder meridian.

This guided tutorial takes you through 3 versions of the classic Drawing Down the Heavens qigong exercise: Balance & Grounding, Purging & Cleansing.


This tutorial explains the "Protection Cross Flow" that circulates energy through the wei qi field, boosts the lung qi and works with key acupuncture points that balance the yin and yang meridians. It's great to due during a change of season period, if you feel stressed or energetically vulnerable.

This YOQI Resource video is a live tutorial to guide you through a healing qigong session for autumn. Autumn is the season of letting go and going with the flow. The element is metal and the organ is the lungs, so its a good time to purge, tonify and circulate purify the lung qi, boost the immune system, and temper the dry metal element with effortless flow. Shot in the golden hills north of San Fransisco with hawks cows gophers and coyotes.

Tutorial on the qigong flow for the lung meridian called Buddha Holds up the Heavens.

The Swimming Dragon is an ancient qigong stretch and flow exercisethat opens the spine and allows life force energy called qi or prana to flow freely through the spinal column. In this tutorial, Marisa will demonstrate and guide you through the movements so that you can practice correctly and safely.

Start your morning clear, energized and tuned into the forces of nature. This tutorial guides you through a purging qigong exercise called Sun & Earth Purification. To practice the full YOQI Morning Energize Routine visit http://videos.yoqi.com/