Qigong is a meditation in motion that nourishes the energy aspect of our being and balances our system for optimal health and vitality. The YOQI style of qigong, called Qigong Flow, is the art of energy cultivation through one continuous stream of body-based awareness that alternates between stillness and movement, yin and yang. Qigong flow is characterized by progressive looping. Progressive loops link together a group of various qigong exercises in a harmonious flowing pattern. One qigong exercise in itself is considered a repetitive loop, called a ‘single loop’. A link of two or more repetitive loops is a ‘flow’. A complete flow routine follows the Six Phases of Qigong Flow and embodies the Eight Actions of Qi.

YOQI Qigong Flow routines are subtle energy workouts designed to feel your qi, move your qi and refine your qi. Qigong Flow routines include different styles of qigong such as spiritual qigong, martial qigong, neigong and medical qigong for self- healing.


All ages, all levels, beginners. Meditators who aim to balance and tune up their energy before sitting. People who are recovering from illness or want to prevent illness.  Anyone who wants to generate optimum health, clarity of mind, and a bright spirit.