Maintain physical alignments, and do not be attached to them.

Breathe with your whole body: Unify your mind and body with the breath. This expands awareness, circulates qi and invites presence awareness.

3.  MIND
Replace the thousands of thoughts with one concentration: Practice the movements slowly, softly, and smoothly. This cultivates effortless concentration and mindfulness.

Let qi be guided by yi: Allow your intention rather than willpower or muscular force to guide your movements. This cultivates internal power and conserves energy.

Move from the center: The movement comes from the dantian. YOQI is not concerned about precise placement of your hands and feet. Qi originates from the naval and moves through the body by twisting one’s body with the waist as the axis.

6.  FLOW
Move with effortless effort: You do not need to go to your full range of motion or maximum effort to stimulate and move qi. Practice within 70 percent of your capacity. This makes it possible for you to stay connected with feeling and flow, release extra tension, and optimize the effect of practice.

Practice Dynamic Relaxation: Attention is without tension, laxity, or unnecessary effort. The movements are comfortable and with ease.

Trust the natural intelligence of your body. Trust your inner voice to guide you.

Offer your heart each practice to access direct wisdom for your highest good and the good of all beings.

Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence. Nobody can do this for you.