Dear Marisa
Thank you for giving your wonderful qigong movements. The last qigong training with the winter flow and the orbit is really fantastic warming and nice. Very grateful for your teaching.

Brigitta, Germany

I abandoned Qigong for over 10 years but thanks to you I started to practice again with your videos. Already the first time I did the 30 min for beginners I felt so much energy moving through my body that my legs started to tremble. Your videos help me to get more grounded, more appreciative and make me feel more awake. Big thank you!

Tanja, Toronto

"Marisa is a graceful, knowledgeable, gifted and inspiring teacher. I have been following her Qigong classes for a few years now, as well as going on the Qigong and meditation retreats she offers when she comes to Bangkok and it makes a huge difference to both my sitting meditation practice and my general health and balance. If you get the chance to do a class with her in person - go for it! :-) If you don't check out the videos - they are great quality and easy to follow."

-Mary P., Bangkok


"Marisa's YOQI Workshop was such a refreshing way to begin my weekend! I had never practiced YOQI before and was happily surprised by how engaging the experience was. Marisa was a wonderful instructor. Not only does she lead you through everything, but she also gives you context and explains the benefits of each exercise. And through these seemingly simple movements, I felt like I became more aware of my body and energy. You really connect with yourself." -Kristine R., USA


"I have done quite a few workshops with Marisa, Yoqi classes that were fun and much easier than I thought they would be, seeing as I do not do much exercise. I was really happy to find that I could do Yoqi, and I loved the workshops where she used essential oils to magnify the experience of the organ we were working on. Marisa is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the body and explains in detail why the movement is important for us and what it will do to enhance out daily lives. Through her knowledge of the flow of Qi, she helped me understand it too and experience it within my own body, giving me a new found respect for my body, especially my organs.Her videos are informative and easy to follow, and great to watch too, as she chooses wonderful places to shoot them. Check them out on YouTube :) Thank you Marisa, your dedication and enthusiasm has helped me to connect more to my inner self." - Patricia B., BANGKOK


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