Are you ready to learn new ways to access and circulate your own energy from within? Imagine having the resources to move deeper into the energetic aspect of your yoga practice and the classes you teach. YOQI RESOURCE is a free on-line tutorial to explore and move deeper into your qigong and yoga practice.


Anyone who wants to take their qigong practice deeper. Yoga teachers who would like to add energy cultivation practices to their classes. 
Note: YOQI Resource content and videos are made as an extended learning for trained yoga teachers or experienced yoga practitioners. They are not intended for beginners of yoga; Basic yogic principles of alignment, theory, and philosophy are assumed to be understood. Emphasis is placed on qigong principles in a yoga context and cultivation of internal qi (prana), life force energy. 

More energy is not necessarily determined by the quantity of asana you do or the length of your practice. YOQI emphasizes quality of energy over quantity.