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YOQI Introduction to Qigong Flow- Awakening your internal energy

Discover the vast power within you by releasing inner blocks and expanding your connection with nature through the energy-based practice of Qigong Flow.
Energy is the vital, vibrating, moving force of nature that directly influences the quality of our health, happiness and aging process. Qigong is the Chinese yogic art of conscious embodiment that honors and nourishes the energy aspect of our being. “Qi” (pronounced chee) means energy and “gong” means skill; qigong teaches us how to know and transform our own energy through direct experience.

In this workshop Marisa will introduce you to the Six Phases of Qigong Flow through storytelling, theory and plenty of practice. Based on Taoist principles of internal alchemy and Chinese medicine, Qigong Flow is a moving meditation where one movement flows seamlessly into the next. This allows the mind to sink into a state of dynamic relaxation while the body circulates energy. Within the seven phases you will learn how to feel your qi, move your qi and refine your qi through a key energy circuit in the body for promoting both men and women’s longevity, called the Microcosmic Orbit. The weekend will finish with a group healing.


Hari-Om is the only Italian yoga school with an international orientation. Cascina Bellaria is a farmhouse located in the middle of the gorgeous Italian countryside. This privileged location seems so close to the sky yet so rooted in the earth. Each moment spent looking around is magic. The guests of Cascina Bellaria can enjoy free concerts every weekend, pamper themselves with a Floating Touch massage and savour the dishes made of our kitchen made always with locally sourced ingredients.


For information about travel to Sezzadio (AL), Italy VISIT OUT FAQ PAGE HERE.


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To take a closer look at where we'll be staying, Cascina Bellaria, here.