The Three Treasures

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How does your connection to Source influence your life? How do you nourish your life force to optimize your vitality? How can you expand this energy to experience the full potential of your heart? And what if you could raise this energy up and illuminate your brain?

The latest YOQI Qigong Flow in the Video on Demand Library is a spiritual qigong method designed to activate your most precious treasures from within: Vitality Qi, Love Qi and Wisdom Qi.



The Three Treasures are the essence of who you are.

The Taoists believe that the Universe is a great conduit of energy. The source of this energy is called the Primordial Force (Yuan Qi). This boundless source of energy pervades all things and continuously nourishes the Universe. Since we are part of the Universe, this force also exists within us as distinct energies called The Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen.

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Jing is life essence. It is the source of your precious Vitality Qi that nourishes the body. The more Jing you have, the longer and healthier life you live. The Original Jing (Yuan Jing) is passed down from your parents, through sperm and egg, at the time of conception. The amount and quality of Original Jing varies from person to person, directly influencing your health, hormones and stamina throughout life. Although you cannot increase the amount of Jing you were born with, the good news is you can conserve its quantity and improve its quality. Vitality Qi gives you the power to act in the world and maintain a high level of productivity without burning out. When Vitality Qi is activated and balanced the body is healthy, energetic, and self-confident,

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Qi is life force energy that animates the whole Universe.The amount and quality of Qi we have derives from two sources: Prenatal Qi and Postnatal Qi. Prenatal Qi is a highly concentrated universal energy that is dormant unless it is cultivated. It is stored in the kidneys. Like Jing, we cannot increase the amount of Prenatal Qi we are born with, but we can enhance its quality through breath, movement, and conservation. Post-natal Qi is the life force energy that is acquired through food, air and love. 

In the body, Qi creates movement and releases blockages. It's flow affects your mood state and is related to emotions. Because Qi is the link between Jing and Shen, it is the source of human potential: Love Qi. When Love Qi is activated and balanced the emotions are calm, you feel generous and have plenty of energy to care for yourself and others. Love Qi gives you the power to connect meaningfully to the world; to give love and be loved.

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Shen is spirit, the most subtle and pure form of awareness and is related to the brain. It is the source of Wisdom Qi. Shen is the cosmic GPS that guides your sense of what serves your highest good. It is also the control tower of Qi, that regulates the five spirits of the vital organs. Shen can be cultivated in the body (through meditation and mind training) and channeled directly from from the Universe. When the Wisdom Qi is activated and balanced you feel nourished and connected to the Universe. Wisdom Qi gives you the power to be guided with insight and intuition.

In summary, if we use the metaphor of a car, Jing is the vehicle. It is the essence of our body's growth and physical structure. Qi is the gasoline, it is the energy that fuels our body. Shen is the GPS, it is the wisdom that guides us to make decisions based on our highest good and the good of all beings. In order to move on our journey through life, we need all three aspects of our car to run efficiently and work together. Not only that, the higher octane the fuel and the more efficient the GPS routing, the more potential we have on our journey of awakening.



Jing, Qi and Shen are stored in special areas of the body called Dantian. Dantian means elixir field. An elixir is the essence of a substance and a field is a place where things take root and grow for nourishment. So dantian are the fertile fields of your inner landscape where the essence of your being is rooted and grows. Through the Three Treasures practice you will be able to boost the energy levels of your dantian and access the full expression of your Three Treasure’s potential.

There are three dantian:

  1. The Upper Dantian at the mid eyebrow center in the brain; it is the elixir field of Shen.

  2. The Middle Dantian at the heart center; it is the elixir field of Qi.

  3. The Lower Dantian located below the naval in front of the spine; it is the elixir field of Jing.

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The method of the Three Treasures Qigong Flow is to first activate the Three Treasures in each dantian so that they are strong and spinning. Once the Three Treasures are awakened and in a healthy state of flow, the surplus energy stored within each dantian can flow up and down the Central Meridian channel to begin the process of integration and transformation. The integration of the Three Treasures is the fruit of a qigong practice. When they are integrated, the essences of Vitality Qi, Love Qi and Wisdom Qi are available to embody your greatest potential in any situation, on any level.

 It takes some training to tame the body, emotions and mind, but the qi is within you, waiting to be cultivated. Even one moment of awareness can tap into a wellspring of Source energy. Why? Because you were born with it. The whole Universe is within you. So now, let’s move some qi!


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