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Join Marisa Cranfill and the YOQI team for a life-changing 8-days in Stadland, Germany. Learn how to connect to nature in nature. The YOQI Module 1 Training Program is an in-depth study into the practice of Qigong, Taoist pranayama and meditation based on the YOQI yoga + qigong system. Included in the course are exercises, theoretical lectures and tools for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance and spiritual insight. The program uses the Six Energetic Phases of Qigong Flow, a method designed to train you how to effectively sense, feel, transform and work with qi (life force energy/prana) and teach others how to do the same. In one phrase, this program teaches you the theory and practice of Energy Medicine. 

While the atmosphere is one of relaxation and nourishment, this is an accredited training program meant to cultivate discipline, will power and refine your skills to practice and teach  qigong. Each day of the retreat will begin with an active morning YOQI Qigong Flow class followed by a silent meditation. Morning practice will focus on yoga + qigong purging exercises and dantian qigong. Lectures are accompanied by experiential learning techniques and the daily afternoon sessions are structured as workshops with interactive groups and adjustments. Mid-way through the week, we will take a half day off for integration, reflection and/or an excursion of your choice.

The habitat, Kunze Hof, is a seminar resort run exclusively for wellness, art, learning, group gatherings and creative cultivation. To support your training, three healthy meals will be provided as well as an afternoon snack. In between sessions enjoy social time with fellow students, relax in the greenery or simply take a nap!

You will be provided with a YOQI Training manual, audio meditation CD and bean bag. In addition to training materials, it is highly recommended to follow the accompanying YOQI M1 On-Line Video Course (30% off for immersion participants!) as a preparation and follow up review to the live immersion. The On-Line Course is a valuable resource to ensure that you have access to all of the training information to review even after the 8 day immersion has ended.

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of the 50 Hour YOQI Immersion Training + 50 documented hours of home practice, the student will receive a 100 Hour YOQI Qigong Associate Instructor Certificate that certifies them to teach YOQI Qigong Fundamentals curriculum. To become a fully certified YOQI Instructor, it is necessary to take M1, M2 and M3 plus the INSTRUCTOR LIVE IMMERSION TRAIN



  • Tuition

  • $200 deposit on eight nights’ accommodation

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Afternoon tea and snack

  • Morning and afternoon Qigong class each day taught by Marisa Cranfill & Pavel Bahushevich

  • Extensive lectures, hands on training, adjustments and Q&A discussions

  • Training materials (workbook/manual/ CD/ Bean Bag)

  • Free wifi access

  • Certificate (YOQI Yoga+Qigong Associate Instructor)


  • Balance fee of accommodations at Kunze Hof- depending on single or shared room

  • International and/or domestic travel to/from Stadland

  • Travel insurance

  • Airport pickup taxi to Kunze Hof

  • Excursions to nearby sites

  • Module 1 On-Line Training Course


07:30 – 08:30:  Morning Qigong Practice & Meditation
08:30 – 10:00:  Breakfast
10:00 – 1:00:   Lecture Series/Routine
1:00 – 15:00: Lunch
15:00 – 17:00:  Theory & Lecture
17:00 – 18:30:  Workshop- Qigong Training
18:30 – 19:00:  Daily Review / Q&A
19:00: Dinner & Rest (optional evening events)

SATURDAY JULY 6TH ARRIVAL DAY- Evening Orientation 6:00-7:00, check in is 2:00 pm

SUNDAY JULY 14TH CHECK OUT DAY- Morning Closing ends at 10:00 am, check out is 12:00 pm


FOR INFORMATION ABOUT TRAVEL TO Stadland Visit out FAQ page here.

Learn more about the YOQI Module 1 Training Program, On-Line program and discount price packages here.
Thank you for reading our FAQ page before contacting us with any further questions.4

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Marisa Cranfill is the founder of YOQI yoga+qigong. Frequent trips as a child inspired Marisa to study academically and work in Asia for over 15 years. While living in China and Thailand she received direct transmission from qigong masters, nuns and healers in both the Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Marisa developed the YOQI Yoga + Qigong method over years of teaching yoga and qigong at meditation retreats with her master, Ajarn Jandamit. She found that both practices contained key principles and techniques that enhanced the student’s stamina and sensitivity to energy during the long-seated meditation sessions. The routines reduced physical pain and gave them more focus and quality of awareness. This became the catalyst to extract a clear and effective program of mindful movement, accessible to everyone, that maintains the integrity of the ancient yoga and qigong traditions. Marisa formally trained and is certified to teach with blessings from masters of two lineages of qigong: Universal Healing Tao (Master Mantak Chia) and Dan Ming (Master Robert Peng). One of the largest influences on YOQI comes from Yin Yoga training with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

Marisa has been described as a generous and light-hearted teacher who guides her students through direct experience. A global citizen at heart, she speaks Spanish, Italian, Thai, Chinese and English, teaches around the world and offers free videos on the popular YOQI You Tube channel. She currently divides her time between Bangkok, San Diego and Panama.



Pavel Bahushevich started practicing qigong eighteen years ago. During this time he also studied meditation, yoga, sufi practices and modern techniques to work with energy. But spiritual practices were more like a hobby until he seriously injured his spine and wasn’t able to walk or sit for three months. After choosing not to go through with the operation that required fixing his spine with metal bars, he focused on qigong healing methods to heal himself. After successfully curing his spine through qigong he went on to become a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor specializing in Iron Shirt, Tao Yin and Healing Love practices. He also has trained in medical qigong theory and form with Master Tan.


The price less booking fee ($200 double room/$300 single room) is refundable until June 1st, 2019. In case of cancellation, you may transfer your deposit or your reservation to another person. In case of cancellation due to natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances on behalf of organizers you will receive a full refund of all funds. Due to arrangements made with our resort hosts, there can be no exceptions to this policy.


We recommend that you purchase travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip and/or flights. Please note that travel insurance may need to be purchased within a limited window of reserving your trip or purchasing airline tickets. Please check with your travel agent for details as terms and conditions vary between countries and agencies.