The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Program


The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Program


Take a trip to your inner universe! The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is the fundamental Daoist method to circulate, refine and balance yin and yang energy in the body.

The Microcosmic Orbit is a complete meditation practice in itself. It can also be used before your personal meditation method as a way to activate your qi and create longevity in the body while awakening your deepest spiritual potential. This audio presentation includes 4 MP3 files and a JPG diagram:

  • Introduction to the Microcosmic Orbit Practice: An introduction to the microcosmic orbit practice including philosophy, history and benefits.
  • Locating the Points on the Orbit: A guided explanation of all the energy points that run along the orbit.
  • Spinal Cord Warm Ups: A short guided qigong warm up session to release tension and enliven the spine.
  • The Guided Microcosmic Orbit Meditation: A 20 minute guided meditation practice.
  • JPG file with visual diagram of microcosmic orbit on the body

*The meditation can be practiced sitting in a chair or seated on the floor.

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