The Lotus Meditation is a guided visualization designed to invoke your highest potential of divine love and compassion. It uses chanting and a detailed process of visualization to connect to a divine being of your choice that embodies the vibration of compassion. Through this practice you will learn how to merge with the love frequency and open your heart to the grace of the Universal blessing of light.

The energy of compassion is the most refined form of Human Qi. This resource of energy has the power to heal yourself and others. The key to tap into your compassionate wellspring of energy is to open your heart like a lotus flower. In Eastern spiritual traditions the lotus flower represents transformation. A lotus grows from dark, murky water and rises above it to blossom into a flower of perfection. The natural unfolding of the lotus is the awakening of your true nature.

In this audio presentation Marisa shares the story of how she learned the meditation from a Buddhist nun on a mystical island in China before guiding you through your own magical journey. The guided meditation form comes from Master Robert Peng of the Dan Ming Qigong lineage.

The audio download contains 2 MP3 files: Introduction to the Practice + The Guided Lotus Meditation

The guided meditation has four phases:

PART 1 CHANTING: Chanting is a way to attune our energy. The sounds are not an invocation with any special meaning, they are vibrations to activate the Three Dantian energy centers in the body.

PART 2 THE WATERFALL: The waterfall is a purging visualization that you will use to cleanse your body of impurities and infuse your body with fresh nourishing qi.

PART 3 INVOKING THE HOLY BEING: At this point you will visualize the being of your choice and merge with it. It doesn’t matter which deity you choose to invoke during the meditation. You could use the Madonna, a Hindu Goddess or the Buddha. I will personally invoke Guan Yin Pu Sa, but you can choose whatever Boddhisatva, Buddha, saint, angel or special symbol resonates with you. What is important is that the symbol you choose evokes love and compassion in your heart.

PART 4 THE LOTUS FLOWER: This final stage of the meditation represents the unfolding of your true nature and integration of the energy we have cultivated. The Lotus Meditation invokes the virtue of divine love and compassion within you. As your true nature shines forth and radiates light around you, will see all beings reflecting love back to you.

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